TEL: 07961 000588

TEL: 07961000588




My name is Hannah and my GCCF and TICA registered prefix is Hanomia British Shorthairs.  I breed and exhibit British Shorthair cats specialing in Lilac, Cream, Chocolate and Seal Colourpointed.  I occasionally have Blue and Lilac Selfs. 

All of my cats are tested negative for PKD, FIV and FeLV as health comes first in my breeding programme.

I am a small breeder and I take pride in the fact that my kittens are given the best start in life I can possibly give them, a lot of time is spent with them and they are raised in my home along with my 2 children.  They are handled often (all the time!) and leave my home well socialised and much loved.

My cats are primarily bred for health, type and temperament.

I am a proud member of the Shropshire Cat Club Committee and I often attend shows with my cats.

Please enjoy browsing through my website and meeting my beautiful feline family. 





Colourpointed kittens available. Ready to go to their new homes end of July 2019 Please contact me for details.
                             *Please Note*
All kittens will leave at 13 weeks old, registered with the GCCF or TICA as Non Active (pet only) and new owners will be asked to sign a neuter contract.


Vogue - Seal Colourpointed - Blue Eyes

Awww my sweet sweet Vogue. She has the most wonderful nature and temperament. My daughter has nicknamed her baby bear and as you can see they are the best of friends!

I'm excited to see what the future holds for Vogue and I'm very grateful to my lovely friend Sara Gibson of Laikenslove British Shorthairs for letting Vogue come to Hanomia.


Pearl - Blue Cream Self - Orange Eye
My beautiful Pearl.  She has the has the most wonderful laid back temperament and loves nothing more than having fuss and cuddles.

Pearl has had a wonderful start to her showing career. She gained a 1st and a best of breed in 2 kitten show so far before moving on soon to gain 3 cc's and best of breed as an adult and is currently a GCCF Champion

She really is a precious little Pearl. I have to thank Jacqueline Skey of Carassacat for allowing me to have this beautiful girl.

Yasmina- Seal Silver Colourpointed - Blue Eyes

My beautiful Yasmina.  Yasmina was imported from Austria.  I am in love with her beautiful blue eyes. She has the sweetest temperament and she loves nothing more than curling up somewhere and sleeping.    


Yasmina has been shown with TICA as a kitten and I am hoping to show her as an adult when she is fully matured. 

Lilou - Blue Golden Tipped - Green Eyes
Lilou has been imported over from a fantastic breeder in Germany and is co-owned by myself and my good friend Sara at Laikenslove British Shorthairs. She has done amazingly well on the GCCF showbench and is currently a GCCF Champion.  Cannot wait to see her babies! 
Dolly - Seal Silver Tabby Point - Blue Eyes
Dolly is Yasmina's daughter and she just had to stay!  She has the most amazing confident and friendly temperament and she just steals everyones heart.  
Voodoo - Black - Orange Eyes
And finally we get to Voodoo.. 
This black beauty was never meant to be mine, she was only ever meant to come to some shows along with me and my girls as a favour to my good friend Sara but.. she has never left!!  She is like my shadow following me wherever i go and anyone that comes to my house knows that if they sit down Voodoo will be on their lap within 5 seconds!  I absolutely adore her, she has completely stolen my heart and made herself fully at home and it looks like she has decided that she lives here now!!!!
Voodoo is officially a GCCF Champion and both Sara and myself are very proud of her, she gets her own gallery of photos because i've got so many pictures of this little character that i just couldn't choose only 1!
Hanomia British Shorthairs, Telford,
Tel: 07961 000588




Dex - Chocolate Colourpointed - Blue Eyes

Dex is the baby of the boys at the moment. He has been imported over from Slovakia from a fantastic breeder and so far has done well in his kitten shows so exciting to see what the future holds for this handsome little boy.



Reggie - Chocolate Colourpointed - Blue Eyes 

Reggie has come to Hanomia from my good friend Sara at Laikenslove British Shorthairs.  He is everything I would want in a boy, strong boned, wonderful temperament, lovely round head, round blue eyes, lovely ear set.  He is producing some amazing kittens. Absolutely love him.



Ralph - Golden Tipped - Green Eyes

Ralph has come from my very close friend Sara at Laikenslove British Shorthairs. I absolutely adore this teddy bear boy! He has a fantastic temprament and just look at him!! Ralph and Dex are the best of friends which is just adorable! He carries colourpoint so hopefully we will get some beautiful golden colourpoints in the future. Watch this space..

**My boys are strictly closed stud**

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